Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cajuns hold on to clinch division

The New Orleans Ragin Cajuns have overcome massive injuries to their pitching staff to claim the AL South crown. The Cajuns had aspirations in the spring to win 100 games, but found themselves struggling to win 85-90 games. Major injuries to #2-#5 SP's Manny McConnell, Hootie Allensworth, Josias Frias and John Ramirez as well as several position players pushed the Cajuns to the limit.

The Cajuns still are not completely whole going into the playoffs. Manny McConnell may be available for action by the ALCS should the Cajuns make it that far. Hootie Allensworth is shut down for the remainder of the season.

The Cajun's key to playoff success will be ace Danny Davies and the high OBP, low power station to station hitting attack. Closer Hughie Wood is a lethal weapon in close games, registering a 1.99 ERA and 41 saves.

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