Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Munson World

Well I'm new to the whole blogging, but as it was suggested by a respected user in our league, I figured I would give it a shot.

We are in our first season in the Munson World. We have hit a few speed bumps, but they were quickly rectified. We welcome our new additions, Moose08 and Jmuhtoff. We expect to have 3 openings this upcoming season as a couple owners have to cut back due to personnel reasons. We well be saying goodbye to Blue Crew, and Scheffler that I know of at the moment. We wish them the best in everything they do, and hopefully we can meet them down the road. One owner on the coming in list for next season is hitman1979. We look forward to competing with him next season.

As far as our first season goes. I think things have run smooth. We have had great reports, AL and NL, both of which make for some fun reading. I think we well only get better over time, as our newbies get accustomed to the game. They have definitely made strides this season, but as the seasoned vets already know, the HBD game is not something to be mastered, with constant updates by the WIS crew.

Thanks to everyone in the league for there Hard Work and dedication to the league. I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am. Hopefully we can keep things rolling for many years to come, and who knows maybe down the road we well actually meet our counterparts in person, through whatever life has in store for us outside of Hardball Dynasty.

More to Follow, lets keep things rolling down the stretch.

Ryan (Batboys)

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