Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Opinion on Munson World!

Just thought I would say thanks to Batboys to inviting me to be an author. I just wanted to say that I think our world has a long and successful future ahead of us. We have dedicated owners, great leadership, and sound knowledge of baseball - HBD style! I look forward to the future. I would like to start posting our own awards for NL Player of the Month, Manager of the Month, Pitcher of the Month, etc. It will be based upon each team nominating a manager, player, etc from his own division; then we will vote on the players listed. You cannot nominate a player from your own team, nor can you nominate yourself! I think this would be fun! Let me know your thoughts!

Lakerross (Ross)

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Batboys said...

Sounds like a great Idea. We can even add little polls on player of the week like I've done on the Wild Card race. Should be fun!!