Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Power Rankings - AL

1. Las Vegas (69-35) West 1st - A great team that has benefited from a weak division. The Viagras are probably too far ahead for Seattle to catch them. They get the top spot because they can actually win at home.

2. Madison (64-40) North 1st - It'll be interesting to see what happens with Madison AFTER the Trade Deadline. 5 new Major Leaguers joined the club in the last week or so. Adding a few solid pieces to the rotation and bullpen are fine but the move to get all-star and potential MVP Jason Van Hatten (.359 51-124-28) was remarkable. All these moves point to an emphasis on winning this year.

3. New Orleans (66-38) South 1st - One of three teams in the AL who are 5 games above .500 at home. The Ragin' Cajuns are looking to avoid the sweep of injuries that attacked them at the end of last year. Let's hope I didn't just jinx them.

4. Syracuse (60-43) East 1st - Posting a 4.02 ERA in the AL is not easy yet the Athletics' pitching staff has done it. A respectable .276 BA helps solidify this team at the top of their division. Syracuse joins Madison in the road warriors category with a 37-15 record.

5. Cleveland (59-44) North 2nd - Losing Paulie Romero will hurt the bullpen. This team looks solid and will probably have to strike a deal with New York to choose who they want to play in the post-season.

6. New York (57-46) North 3rd - The Hokies have been looking up all season long. With a new GM in Seattle, they now have to look behind them as well. A .263 BA isn't going to get them very far.

7. Seattle (53-50) West 2nd - Despite being a neglected team, the players still showed up every day. Now with a new GM, alanzahm, the Sleepers are hoping to live up to their name.

8. Charlotte (51-52) East 3rd - The dark horse of the AL, this team can pitch better than 13 other teams. They are still only 9 games back in a competitive division but I doubt they'll be able to reach the Athletics. A wild-card spot, however, is not out of the question.

9. Indianapolis (52-51) East 2nd - The lineup is close to a .300 BA. Their pitching staff is close to a 6.00 ERA. Such is the life for the Wildcats. Until they can solve their pitching woes, they will be on the outside looking in.

10. Chicago (50-54) North 4th - It's been a tough year in Chicago. Things just haven't clicked and after narrowly missing the post-season last year with 87 wins, the Bootleggers are feeling the wrath of the baseball gods.

11. Boston (49-55) East 4th - The Boston Bandits should be thinking about next year right about now. Granted, they aren't that far behind in the race but having a 5.97 ERA isn't anything to get excited about.

12. Kansas City (41-62) West 4th - In a battle between the bad and the worse, Kansas City is graciously given this spot in the rankings.

13. Richmond (43-61) South 2nd - Nearly 20 games back of .500 and still 2nd in the division. At least this means that they have some potential wins at the back end of the schedule against their division.

14. Anaheim (41-62) West 3rd - Fire the hitting coach. A .249 BA is the worst in the AL.

15. San Juan (34-70) South 3rd - It's a battle for the #1 pick in the draft. Lottery system, anyone?

16. Durham (34-70) South 4th - Durham has a losing record in both the majors and all of the minors. Is that more embarrassing than the 8.28 ERA in the majors?

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