Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Power Rankings - NL

1. San Francisco (70-33) West 1st - Bias? Maybe. It's hard to beat a 3.93 ERA coupled with a .285 BA though. Before the all-star break, the Gothams had a stretch where they won 28 out of 32 games. Not to brag or anything... :-P

2. Buffalo (66-37) East 1st - The Ridge Runners have put together a fantastic season in a tough division. The pitching has been above phenomenal with a 3.50 team ERA. There's not too many stars (minus Telgheder) but they all complement one another and fit nicely as a team.

3. Little Rock (68-36) South 1st - They won't have Bucky Whitehead or 2B Hub Wills down the stretch but they have a sizable lead in the division. They shouldn't have too many problems, especially when the team as a whole is close to hitting .300.

4. St. Louis (60-44) North 1st - Out of the four division leaders, St. Louis' home record is the worst at 26-24. The team is in the middle of the NL in nearly every category yet they have managed to achieve 60 wins. Lucky for them, they are in a weak division so they should manage a #4 seed.

5. Dover (57-46) East 2nd - Regarded as a team to fear, many were surprised that they traded away Jason Van Hatten. However, they did receive three very good players that should round out the club nicely. It should be interesting to see how the team reacts to the change.

6. Arizona (57-46) West 2nd - After a 4th place finish in the West last year, Arizona decided to change their record and their GM. They did both very well and now sit tied for the top wild-card spot. The Hitmen will have to live up to their name in order to compensate for a lackluster pitching staff (5.24 ERA).

7. Austin (52-52) South 2nd - A team that has been sitting on the edge all year. The Powers will have to make a run or hope for others to get lashed with injuries. Their pitching will have to get their act together to help make that happen.

8. Iowa City (51-53) South 3rd - Just slightly below average in ERA (4.45) and BA (.267), the BlackShirt Huskers should be thankful that they are only 6.5 GB while 2 games under .500.

9. New York (51-52) East 3rd - Apparently, the Highlanders think they are in the AL because they have a 20-31 record at home and a 31-21 record on the road. They have one of the worst batting averages in the Majors and will need to change that in order to make it to the playoffs again.

10. Santa Fe (49-55) South 4th - In what was probably a smart move, the Conquistadors picked up 3 solid prospects from Madison in exchange for a reliever. The future is bright.

11. Rochester (47-57) East 4th - The Red Wings have a solid pitching staff but may need to take a page from their hockey counterparts and add some offense.

12. Toronto (46-58) North 3rd - In a muddled middle, Toronto is full of extremes. The third best pitching staff in the NL with a 4.09 ERA is coupled with the Majors' worst BA (.230). In light of the disaster that was Season One, fans in Toronto should be thrilled with the work of GM moose08.

13. Milwaukee (47-56) North 2nd - The Rebels may want to fire their pitching coach due to a 5.56 ERA.

14. San Diego (38-65) West 3rd - After picking up four prospects in two trades with Madison, the Admirals are sacrificing this season for the ones to come. With Arizona now a contender, this is the right choice.

15. Los Angeles (38-66) West 4th - A huge draft that saw 6 players drafted (though, only 4 signed) within the first 61 picks will help the LongBallers reload.

16. Cincinnati (36-67) North 4th - Pitching and hitting haven't been great at all. The minor leagues point to future success though.

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